Bvc coils being duds

I've purchased many BVC coils from my local vape shop and I have a 50/50 chance of getting a coil that actually works!! Its beyond frustrating, and I'm proming the way my shop says to, and only some of them work. I've noticed the ones that don't work, will not allow the juice to soak in, it's simply sits on top of the coil. I use a regular Battery with adjustable voltage, and an aspire glasomizer tank. The box of BVC coils have a scratch off code that says they are legit. 3223 9219 9440 1886
Please please let me know if it's me or I'm just getting duds! I bought this box and not one works correctly. I'm placing 2-4 drops and letting sit 10-15 minutes. Then priming by inhaling with no heat for a few puffs, then placing heat on the lowest 3.2v setting all the way until 4.2v where normally it tastes wonderful, but instead I'm getting a metallic chalky taste. I'm using Vape Hut Wookie Cookie at 60/40 VG/PG
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  • I have also been experiencing this problem. I've been using a Nautilus for about a year now, and ever since switching to BVC coils I've had almost a 1-1 split between working coils and duds. At first I thought I had made an error and accidentally turned up the wattage, or tried to use it before it finished soaking, but ~15 or so carefully installed duds later I can say it's not human error.
    I really enjoy my Nautilus and all its features, but these defective atomizers are expensive, and beginning to wane the appreciation I feel for this vaporizer. I actually visited the site today to see if this was a prevalent problem, or if I could send in my defective atomizers for an exchange.
  • I just tore through an entire pack of coils, authentic coils, using the correct juice, wattage, and methods. I got ONE working coil out of the five, at the price of nearly $20.00.
    Aspire, you've got to have somebody working on this forums, it's been weeks since this topic was posted so how about responding to this?
  • Do you have access to an Ohm/multimeter? Personally or from your local vape shop? Could you check them before use to make sure they have continuity and are in an acceptable resistance range?

    Also, have all the bad coils been purchased from the same shop (if local)? Try purchasing from another shop if you can. Who knows, the original shop maybe selling counterfeits (someone may have found a way to generate scratch codes that pass the test).

    Also the BVC coils really don't like high VG ratios. Try keeping your VG ratio less than 50. Example (PG/VG): 80/20, 70/30, 60/40. 50/50 is questionable. Some people can get that ratio to work, some can't. Depending on the flavor and manufacturer.
  • I brought 2 packs of the BVC coils as well for the Aspire Nautilus tank system and they all burnt out to dubs after 1 days use.
    this not right I had older tank system coils last longer then this last right up to 6 months long.
    and thats use after use and cleaning each one and still able to use them for 6 months straight or more.
    before I had to go and buy new ones.
    this New BVC Aspire Nautilus coils are weak and are not worth the money to keep spending on them for a pack of 5 for $20. + shipping since I have no E-cig shop in my town or state that carries them.
    so i have to order them online.
    these BVC coils should be recalled and remade to be strong and have longer lasting life span.
    or this Aspire Nautilus tank systm is going to junked and spammed of warning to others on youtube and every where else people can warn other about bad poor products and this may also get reported in the BBB office and ect..
    cause this BVC coils are not worth the money its looks like it be better off to go back to real cigs or back to the old tank system that really work and their coils that really last longer then 1 day use !!
    and ASpire might as well junk and scrap this so called Aspire Nautilus tank and never make another one again !!
    its making people think Aspire makes junk E-cig products now !!
  • It sounds like your juice. You should try actually putting a few drops of liquid straight down into the top of the coil when you have the tank apart. Then let it sit for a few minutes and switch to the smallest airflow setting and take several primer inhales. This should fix it.
  • I have posted on a similar topic about this issue.

    I am past frustrated about all the dud, burnt coils. Just today it took the 3rd coil in my Nautilus to vape normally !!!

    What is being done to resolve this.issue and to compensate your loyal customers?

    I feel pretty stupid by getting my friends to use the Nautiluls and angry with me because they are experiencing the same problem.

    Is this issue really worth risking your Aspire name?

    I have loved my Aspire BDC tanks and have always recommened them to everyone i know before the Nautilus was available, and they love it, when they can get a good working coil in it.

    This is just not right. What kind of business practices is this??
  • greyci, what exactly is going wrong? Are they not working at all or are you getting dry hits and burning new ones?
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