Nautilus mini base pin


Just bought the mini and upon second fill of the tank, whilst screwing base back on, the tiny spring loaded pin in the base popped completely out of the white rubber seal. Now most times when I unscrew the tank from my battery the pin drops out and is in danger of being lost. Surely this cannot be normal?
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  • Dear Customer,
    Sorry for the inconvenience!
    Where did you get your nautilus mini,from us directly and our authorized seller?
    Would you first to check your package and security code to make sure it is original?
    It is not a normal for this problem,we have checked some sample,try to pull out the spring ,it tight enough,we need so much strength to pull it out.
    Thank you and have a nice day!
  • Hello,

    Yes, I checked the device security code on your site and the device is genuine. Just to clarify; the pin I'm talking about is what you call the connecter ( which is spring loaded-I believe to allow for various battery connection) which will not stay in the rubber insulated ring. Is anybody else experiencing this problem?
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