The Guide line of Aspire Atlantis

1. Background of creation of Atlantis

As a very famous atomizer, the RDA(rebuildable dripping atomizer) can produce more flavourful taste and immense vapor. But RDA is wonderful only for e-cig experts as it isn’t easy to build and require some research and know-how (e.g. Build coils, continually dripping e-liquid). So a lot of people can not use it freely and conveniently.
According to this situation, Aspire wants to make a change.

2.Atlantis Concept

By enhancing Aspire’s Bottom Vertical Coil design, Aspire created the new generation tank system-Atlantis, which brings improved adjustable airflow and Sub ohm coils that provides performance similar to even the best rebuildable dripping atomizer while it can be used conveniently and easily as Nautilus. Aspire Atlantis makes it possible that every of vapers be able to enjoy the extreme performance and be in cloud of glorious vapor without any hassle.

3.Important points of Atlantis

1) 3D anti-fake label which is holographic display (the obvious 3D effect, this will help to educate end users to verify the authorized aspire products)
2) Upgrade security code sticker: new technology, new design, upgrade color and numbers(16 numbers before, now is 20 numbers)

4.Introduce Atlantis

Let's Show the profile of Atlantis kit in all angles.
1)Box (logo on plastic box, nice looking, paper tray)
2)Open the packing box, and take out the paper tray with Atlantis, on the back of the paper tray, you can see an extra replacement glass tube and a replacement coil. The configuration of the kit: a complete Atlantis, a replacement glass tank, a replacement BVC coil 0.5ohm.
3) Atlantis appearance: stainless steel, carving logo on upper hardware, Sub ohm BVC coil, and adjustable airflow system, of which the design is similar to Nautilus but bigger hole size and better feeling.
4) Disassemble the tank: Take off the drip tip --- Unscrewed the base hardware from the glass tank --- Take out the coil from base hardware --- Take off the glass tube from upper hardware (You need to use a soft cloth to shake the glass tube from side to side, don't screw it from the top hardware).
Let's focus on the BVC SUB ohm Coil: 0.5ohm, compatible with 20-30W output batteries. Choosing the suitable and compatible battery is very important. 20-30W is best for both Atlantis and battery, otherwise there will be some unnecessary trouble.
5)Fill e-liquid: Push the glass into upper hardware --- Fill the liquid into the tank (no more than 2ml) --- Screw the coil into base hardware --- Screw the base hardware into glass.
To let the Atlantis stand for 1-2 minutes in the first use so that the e-liquid can absorb into the atomizer .

5.To make Atlantis work perfectly, Aspire specially designed the CF MOD and CF SUBΩ battery. They all work with 0.3-1.0 ohm coils. The batteries themselves are not variable voltage and wattage, but it will automatically change to the best condition according to the coils resistance.

6. Using Atlantis:
1)Remember the 0.5 ohm Sub ohm coils work in 20-30W.
2)Suggest using the biggest size airflow hole to get biggest vapor.
3)The Atlantis can use the high VG e-liquid to meet user’s requirement.

7.Technical parameters:
1) Length: 70.3mm
2) Diameter: Φ22mm
3) Air hole size: Φ2mm, Φ2.8mm, Ellipse 6*2.6mm, Ellipse 9*2.6mm
4) Accept liquid: 2ml
5) Lifetime: filling e-liquid for 50 times
6) Puffs: 25 puffs per milliliter


1)Never dry burn the atomizer before the juice absorbing fully into coil otherwise you will break the atomizer.
2)When the e-liquid is nearly used up, please fill liquid in time otherwise your atomizer will be burnt out.
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  • Aspire will save lives with the Atlantis as well, because those of us that were using RDAs while driving... it was a huge hassle and not necessarily safe.

    I can vape easier on a compact design and no more stopping to drip liquid into the RDA, I am loving life.
  • Please use compatible devices and batteries with the Atlantis tank/coils.
    Never use our sub ohm coils on some ego twist batteries or other devices with other inferior/low batteries.
    Please make sure your battery have the enough wattage output(20-30W) to fire our sub ohm coils.
  • What do you mean by :
    "5) Lifetime: filling e-liquid for 50 times" ? ? ?

    What happens after ?
  • Cegoca" said:
    What do you mean by :
    "5) Lifetime: filling e-liquid for 50 times" ? ? ?

    What happens after ?
    In order to get good flavor,we suggest 50 times refills of liquid.Then change out the coil.
    If the vapor and flavor stay the same,you can go on using it. :D
  • OK, it's about the coil. Reading the different points, I was afraid it was concerning the tank itself !
    So I was wondering why we could open and close it to refill for about 50 times only :lol:
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