SubΩ Battery Review

I don't know if Aspire designed the SubΩ battery from my recommendations or if it was their engineers... but the Aspire SubΩ battery is EXACTLY what I have suggested to them in the past. They are the first company to release a large diameter and compact eGo style battery, nobody else has ever done this. I think this move will pay off tremendously for them, I would like them to take the same SubΩ battery and release a VV/VW version for the full-size Nautilus. I could even go further and suggest a 26mm diameter and even shorter length for a future design...

Now for the battery, it's 22mm wide and 114.5mm in length with stainless steel ends and carbon fiber coating over the tube. There are also six vent holes drilled into the bottom for safety. It turns on/off like the other Aspire batteries or a standard eGo battery for that matter. There are plenty of safety features such as overcharge/discharge protection and short protection. This battery is fully charged at 4.2 volts and slowly drops to 3.2 and flashes to let you know recharging is required, it also changes the button color at 3.5 volts to warn you the battery is almost depleted just like the CF VV+.

I recommend using the Aspire branded charger along with the wall plugin, this will charge the battery faster and provide a longer life-span for the cell. This is not the type of battery you want to charge from your computer, but you can of course. I have attached some pictures below of the new battery and some comparison shots of it next to the Aspire CF VV+ battery.

The new SubΩ battery is actually not much taller than the VV+, it's just the camera angle...



I also have to give Aspire a thumbs up on the nice packaging idea for these batteries...
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