Burnt taste

I just received the ET-S glassomizer. Vaped a 1/2 glass of liquid Atmos E-juice cherry w/2.4 % nicotine! and it smelled and tasted burnt at 3.8 volts. Do you know why this happened, and how I can remedy it? Thank You. PS. Why is there no posts in this forum? But it has 256 members? I thought if I registered I would see the other posts?
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  • Dear Friend,
    First please confirm the wattage you used,the wattage can not exceed 15w
    Next the coils are the consumables, the use frequency, battery voltage, the PG:VG proportion of e-liquid all can impact the coils' life. Many users use the product without reading our manual, the coils are not screw into the hardware tightly, it will burn .
  • Hi,

    I purchased an aspire nautilus, read the manual, used multiple coils but can't use it. I put it on a mod with an 18650 battery and I've tried it on my itaste MVP v2 set at the lowest voltage and still no good. I can get two or three decent drags off of it, but then any drags afterwards taste burnt. I know the coils have been soaking long enough or I wouldn't get those good ones. I have played around with the adjustable air, tried all 4 settings but just can't get it to work properly. I'm really frustrated, I heard good things about this tank and it just isn't living up to all the hype!

    PS I have scratched and checked and I am using authetic aspire tank and atomizers.

  • Dear Friend,
    Thank you for using our products.
    If you confirmed the voltage and wattage are under regular area,it is maybe something wrong with coils.
    Can you please firstly check the security code of your nautilus to know if it is original? And if it is, please kindly ask the seller who sold it to you for the replacement, and the shop will exchange from their previous dealer, and we will ask our direct distributors to be responsible for every of their partners.
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