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There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes. Of course, different people will have different impressions on Aspire, what is your impression? Good or not?
We at Aspire are all working hard to develop and provide better and better products and service, but we can not make every of our customers satisfied. Every person in the world is a bitten apple by God, so does Aspire. We have more than one aspect, which aspect have you seen? Come here and write the review of Aspire in your heart, your positive or negative words all will help Aspire become better!

Let me start first, this is a review from James Childress on Facebook:
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  • Hello,

    I ordered 2 Atlantis clearos but sadly I noticed the centerpin was not sticking out and
    this is very dangerous when used on a mecanical mod with a hybrid topcap.

    Today my friend came with his Atlantis and I noticed his centerpin didn't have
    the problem.

    Here you can see what I'm talking about. This problem already caused a severe issue
    of shortcut and U had to drop my mod on the floor because of the sudden heat.

    Also these centerpins were this way when they arrived, I never overthight my atty's.

    Do you think I could get 2 adequate bases instead ?

    Thank you for your help


  • Hi upstair friend,

    The Atlantis just can be used on 20-30W batetry, if your wattage is lower or higher than our suggested range, it will break your battery and Atlantis.
    For your problem, please attach a bigger pictures so that we can know what happened.
    Also, the security codes of these two Atlantis are needed. Thanks.
  • My atlantis and two nautilus' have the same problem with the bottom pins getting stuck in. Thought I was alone on that
  • I looked at my Atlantis and it's center pin. I was able to recreate the issue.

    Solution: Tighten the coil. The center pin should extend just around ½ millimeter below the 510 threads.

    There is no spring in the Atlantis to make sure the center pin is extended below the 510 threads. It is a friction fit (it took a bit of effort to push the center pin out of the base). Tightening the coil down, pushes the center pin down an out just enough.
  • I am glad this was mentioned here. The atomizers and overall quality from Aspire is inconsistent. You will have these issues often with their atomizers. I have bought 5 packs of atomizers where the pins were of different length. After disassembling them by pulling the pins out completely you can compare and easily see this. If over tightening the atomizer works you have another case of inconsistency but this time it is with the rubber gaskets. I have noticed the material and size of rubber o rings and gaskets and even the insulator around the pin differ as well. I had tanks of various makes by Aspire where the threaded post the pin fits into have even been a hair shorter or longer. One tank I had to file it down.

    And no, they are not fake products.
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