Bad battery

I posted my question but looks like the question was deleted. Again I bought a new Cf VV 1600 MAH and the battery will work when voltage is set above 3v. The battery just shuts down and will do nothing. To reset battery I plug back into charger and then works for a few seconds then same thing happens. I just bought this today from ebay and the security code is good. Would like to have help from Aspire instead of paying for shipping to return and may have the same problem. Using the nautilus tank system. Please advise!
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  • Dear Customer,
    We have answered your post here,
    Now again,Our battery has Overdischarge and Atomizer Short Circuit Protection,When battery cell voltage is less than 3.2V (low battery), the atomizer will remain OFF, and the Orange LED light will blink 15 times.Or If heating coils are short-circuited while vaping, the LED lights (both colors) blink 3 times, and the battery will default to “sleep mode.”
    Then try recharge the battery as our manual again.
    Thank you and have a nice day!
  • I guess I will end the battery back to he eBay seller. But the problem I have is that I can't find a retailer Authorized around zip code 30252. Do you know of a retailer near me?


    We were able to reach out to our Supplier, who was able to contact Aspire.

    She told me that Aspire found the problem, which there is a few PCB plate has false welding that cause these kind of problems. Aspire promised that they will continue to improve and will not have these problems again in the next orders.

    That being said, we can give you a replacement part once you ship the malfunction one back to us.
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