What is wrong with these Coils?

I am getting so frusterated I've boughten 2 packs of replacement coils from my local Vapour store. To find all of them had a life time of no longer then a day. I bought this Aspire novelist just because I had this problem with a different tank I had before I've almost had it with the poor quality of these coils
And I've also been noticing that the customer service here with aspire is pretty much the same message to each complaint clearly you guys aren't taking anyone's feedback very seriously because this tanks been out for quite awhile and all of the threads have the exact same answer it's like your not even reading the feedback. I've just about had it with this dry burnt crap. Is it so much to ask for working coils?? Might aswell go back to smoking ciggeretes. I've spent way more money on replacement coils that ALL ARE CHEAPLY MADE! And yes I checked the security code. Hope you actualy take this message seriously because clearly no one else's feedback has been considered.
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  • Sorry to hear... If you checked the scratch code and they are authentic here are my questions...

    1. When filling are you letting the tank sit for a few minutes and switching the air flow to the smallest airflow and taking several prime inhales before using? I also have a huge suggestion here, when you put in a fresh coil I personally drip liquid into the top of the coil to make sure the wick is fully saturated. This makes a HUGE difference!

    2. If that does not solve your problem, what is the VG content of your liquid? At 50% VG it does require much more effort to prime the wick on a new coil and dripping directly into the coil on the first fillup is required in my experience.

    3. 70% VG or higher performs terrible or not at all.

    I hope you resolve the issue and keep vaping no matter which brand it is. Please let me know if this helps, if not give me some more information and I'll go from there. I am getting 2 weeks on a single Nautilus coil and I want you to do the same.
  • My juice that I've been using is 50/50 and I've been following all of the priming and sitting steps. It's the coils because the first one I used worked great and they are the BVC coils. I've been hearing lots that their just poorly made and a lot people have been having the same issue what I'm wondering is why it's not been addressed yet? If the coils were 1 dollar for 5 then I wouldn't mind getting 1 coil working out of 5 but their not I paid 20$ for each pack and ONE worked! ONE
  • I follow all of step one and I also drop liquid into the cool and the juice im using is 50/50 like Id be fine if the coils were one dollar for 5 but no it's 25 bucks and it's hit and miss with the coils Id expect this from cheap coils but these aren't cheap
  • Dear Joseph,
    Thank you for giving kind suggestion.
    Dear AlmostDonewithvaping,
    First,thank you very much for your friendly suggestions.
    Second,we need the informations to make sure the products are original,then make sure that customers use our products correctly,for there are so many elements to affect the coils life,like:the use frequency, battery voltage, the PG:VG proportion of e-liquid.if customer don't want us to solve their problem quickly,they can tell us these information in their first post.
    Third,Sorry to hear that the life of two pack of replacement coils all no longer than one day.We passed your problem to our chief engineer,we think this kind of problem shouldn't happen.
    Do you check the security code,they are orginal?or,do you check the mesh inside the coil stay in the center tidily.
    What kind of battery did you use? What wattage and voltage did you use?
    How long did you use before you get burn taste?Or you got burn taste from the beginning?
    What is the resistance of your coil?
    Have a nice day!
  • I checked the security code yes, I've been using an EVOD V V 1600mAh. The voltage goes up to 4.8v I usually have it at 3.6-4.0 they are 1.6ohms the coils that is and the VgPg is 50/50. The first coil it came with worked for about 4 days ish and then burnt dry hits and the replacement coils nearly instantly. Most of them were if not a couple hours after.
  • Like Tina asked... what battery and voltage are you using?

    We also need to know which liquid brand/flavor you are using... certain flavors are known to cause issues with tanks like the Nautilus due to high sugar/sweetener content.
  • I've answered like 4 times my posts just aren't being posted
  • Dear Customer,
    For our 1.6ohm coils,the reasonable voltage is:3.3V-4.2V,we suggest our customers use it with normal e-go battery,which have constant voltage output.if once customer to use our 1.6 ohm coils with voltage exceed permissible range Conscious or non conscious.the structure will be damaged,despite how low voltage customer used later,the burn taste will never solved.
    What's more,we suggest our customer to use vg proportion less than 50% e-juice,otherwise,it is too thick to soak up e-juice.
    At last,Never dry burn our coils.You need let the coils soak up e-juice adequately.
    Have a nice day!
  • Yeah I posted above that what voltage I use and the 50/50 juice and I've never dry burned these coils it doesn't make sence to me
  • Ah, so it's not just me then?! I bought a Nautilus last week, after my housemate told me how great his Nautilus Mini was! I had waited 2 months for him to tell me how he was getting-on with it, as I was looking to get something better than the Kanger I was using at the time. When I first put it together it vaped well, and I was pleased with my new purchase. Then within a couple of hours it was glugging, and I thought 'oh no, here we go!' (as this was one of my major gripes with the cheaper Kanger units). I stuck with it and the glugging mostly cleared-up, but 3 days later I had to swap the coil for the spare that had come with it (1.6). This lasted less than 24 hours before it was basically useless!! Luckily I have got into the habit of cleaning my coils in the hope of a second life out of them (they're not that cheap, are they?), and am now back on the cleaned-out 1.8.
    I have spoken at some length with the company I bought it from (who have not exactly bent over backwards to help me!), and I guess there is not really much that can go wrong with the 'hardware' so I guess it has to be faulty coils. The thing is now that I am loath to throw good money after bad and buy more (possibly useless) coils, but I have just spent £25 on a tank that is otherwise useless! Hmm... dilemmas, dilemmas!
  • No, its not just you. After being told my products must be knock offs because I had no security code I received a partial reimbursement that I spent on a new tank with these coils straight from Aspire. Go figure Aspire sent me a product with no code as well....hmmm. The products are garbage. Its a hit and a miss because the quality control is so inconstant its not even funny. You'll get a five pack of coils for example and in that five back two might have different sized air and juice holes. 1 might have a proper length contact post where others will need to be pulled out a bit to contact the battery.

    Stay away from this company. I am from now on. I had more success with Haus brand from Walmart and Njoy brand from Walgreens back when I started Vaping.
  • I've been having this same issue and I feel like nobody believes me! Like its me, no it's not. I prime them all exactly the same, so how come only some work and others don't? It has to do with their mesh, it's not soaking up the juice at all! The juice just sits on top of the coil, when priming, and I will get the 1 coil that works well and it soaks right up! Those are the ones that work. I'm going to have to prime at the store before I leave. I'm ready to go back to cigarettes this is becoming much more expensive and frustrating
  • Hi,
    same problem here. First tried the ones with 1.8 than a pack with 1.6. For each one of them the coil is okay for one day. If I stay down at 3,3v the maybe two with some luck. But I´m sure there must be some quality issue. After that day ist just tastes burned. somtimes even little black partickles in the tank. I thougt the Nautilus mini was supposed to be a great product, quess I was wrong... Just switched from my evods, guess I´ll have to switch back. Each flavor tastes the same. Also 50/50 mixture. This way I just could continue smoking cigarettes, which tastes better. Less Burnd ;-)
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