Why have you not shipped my order yet after over a week?

In regard to my order number 201403596
I made the order over a week ago and you have not shipped it yet.
Please contact me and explain why?
Also tell me when it will be shipped?
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  • Dear Uncleseaweed,
    Our online store worker has wrote a mail to you that there is something wrong with your address,but we didn't receive any reply from you until now.
    Would you please answer our online worker's mail and tell the right address,then we will ship your order quickly.
    Notice:the China National day is coming,we will have 7 days off
    Thank you and have a nice day!
  • Dear customer,
    Sorry for all the trouble.
    We did not send your order out because DHL wont take the PO address.
    You need to provide another address to me or ship the goods via EMS.
    I had sent 2 emails to you but you did not reply.
    Would you pls check your email and reply me ASAP?
    Thanks for your time.

    Apologized again for all the trouble.
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