Nautilus Mini atomizer shorted

I have been using my Nautilus Mini's for a few months now and love them, thank you Aspire. I am encountering an issue where my eleaf istick is showing the message 'atomizer shorted', after reattachment. I am able to loosen the Mini and get a correct reading of the resistance, but this is happening to two of these devices. I have replaced the BVC in both, with no resolution to the atomizer shorted message being encountered. Prior to this, I have had great success with the Nautilus Mini devices.

Help, help, HELP!
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  • Can you try tightening the Nautilus down snug and checking the ohms on the iStick... is it reading the ohms correctly or do you have to loosen it every time to get an ohm reading?

    Have you tried other tanks and not had any problems?

    Also when you remove the coil you want to make sure to take a Q-tip and clean out condensation that builds up below the coil where the spring 510 connection is.
  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you very much for supporting aspire!
    If the coils are assembled to the base hardware so tightly,excessive press on the connector and isolation pin under the base hardware,which will cause this kind of problem.
    What's more,if the connector spring under the base hardware is out of shape or the isolation rubber under the base hardware broken,which will also cause this kind of problem.
    Have a nice day!
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