Nautilus Mini BVC dry burn


Can one dry burn the bvc coils for the nautilus mini when one wants to change the ejuice? In this way we can minimize the mix of flavours.

Thank you.
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  • No you will burn the wicking material and that coil will no longer taste good.

    If you do not wish to replace the coils for each different liquid... I recommend cleaning the tank and re-filling with the new liquid. Then switch your airflow to the largest 1.8mm airflow hole and fire the device while gently blowing into your drip tip. You should see vapor exit the airflow hole... if you do this a few times gently it will burn off the liquid flavor left on the wicking material and not burn the wick.
  • Dear Customer,
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    We suggest our customer to change coils when changing different flavor e-juice to get pure flavor.
    What's more,they can disassemble the device and wash it with clean water,customer can use swab to help cleaning the corner, then dry it with clean cloth.
    You need to let the tank sit for awhile, to allow the coil to soak up the liquid,take a few puff,for the first several puff,the flavor is not pure,but when old flavor e-juice run off,the flavor will become pure.
    Have a nice day!
  • Yep, do NOT dry burn the BVC's. I've tried every combination possible that other people have suggested on other forums. Nothing works to clean them out.

    As for minimizing the mixing of the flavors on an existing coil. It's difficult to do (as I haven't mastered it, yet), but you can empty the tank, re-assemble and take one or two hits, then open it up, re-fill with new flavor, and go.

    The problem is when doing the couple of hits with a empty tank, you run the risk of dry burning (which ruins the BVC). Personally, I just empty, rinse out the tank, re-fill, and go. It takes a bit for flavor to change (can be a bit funky taste with various flavors), but once the new flavor hits the coil, all is acceptable.

    But reality, I try to time it when a coil dies, so I'm changing it anyway, then move to a new flavor.
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