order #201403736, when does the shipping starts?

My order is : #201403736.
I ordered this last saturday. When does the shipping starts?

E-mail me for the results. Thanks
E-mail adress : sink36@naver.com
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  • Dear Customer,
    Your order had been sent yesterday via UPS.
    Later we will update the tracking informations to your email,.
    Pls noted.

    Thanks for supporting Aspire.
  • Why UPS? I have paid for the DHL shipping
    please give me my tracking number.
  • Dear Customer,
    Really sorry for all the trouble.
    If we ship the goods via DHL,the goods will be detained due to "Jewelry smuggling"thing,
    We want you to recieve the goods earlier,That's why we choose UPS to send the goods out.
    Hope you can understand that.
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