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I don't know if Aspire designed the SubΩ battery from my recommendations or if it was their engineers... but the Aspire SubΩ battery is EXACTLY what I have suggested to them in the past. They are the first company to release a large diameter and compact eGo style battery, nobody else has ever done this. I think this move will pay off tremendously for them, I would like them to take the same SubΩ battery and release a VV/VW version for the full-size Nautilus. I could even go further and suggest a 26mm diameter and even shorter length for a future design...

Now for the battery, it's 22mm wide and 114.5mm in length with stainless steel ends and carbon fiber coating over the tube. There are also six vent holes drilled into the bottom for safety. It turns on/off like the other Aspire batteries or a standard eGo battery for that matter. There are plenty of safety features such as overcharge/discharge protection and short protection. This battery is fully charged at 4.2 volts and slowly drops to 3.2 and flashes to let you know recharging is required, it also changes the button color at 3.5 volts to warn you the battery is almost depleted just like the CF VV+.

I recommend using the Aspire branded charger along with the wall plugin, this will charge the battery faster and provide a longer life-span for the cell. This is not the type of battery you want to charge from your computer, but you can of course. I have attached some pictures below of the new battery and some comparison shots of it next to the Aspire CF VV+ battery.

The new SubΩ battery is actually not much taller than the VV+, it's just the camera angle...



I also have to give Aspire a thumbs up on the nice packaging idea for these batteries...
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  • Nice review here too Joseph, thanks again.

    If I just may : the second picture with the battery name upside down ... :oops:
  • Yea, but I wanted the writing on the tank going upwards ... at least that's my story
  • No problem, you did all the work ;)
  • some are saying that this device is not regulated to 4.2v?

    A reviewer on youtube says (and I trust him 100%) that during the testing the voltage was dropping ala mech mod style. Could we clear this up so the right info can shared?
  • The reviewer igetcha69 asked me to post this pic, he seems to be getting non regulated voltage on his Sub-Ohm battery?

    Perhaps he as a faulty unit or a v1 I dont know but here it is...

  • Dear VapeDog1666,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    Our CF batteries are not regulated voltage at 4.2V,when using,the output voltage will drop.
    Blue LED light on battery will display for battery cell voltage of 3.5-4.2V. The Orange
    LED indicates a voltage less than 3.5V. you need to charger.
    Details please refer our website:Ω-battery-p-91.html
    Have a nice day!
  • I just checked it with a multimeter and it does indeed... did not check that when it first arrived. I was under the impression it was regulated and never checked.

    I updated that line...

  • OMG ... And I forwarded your informations about the voltage to a forum in France, thinking they were accurate ... :oops: :oops: :oops:
  • Yep this did seem to create quite a bit of confusion about this LOL but from what I have seen, the reviews of the Sub-Ohm have been really good, even without regulation.

    It does however bring up the question of which battery to get, either the Sub-Ohm or the MOD version that takes a high drain 18650. With the voltage being unregulated the MOD version would be better as you just need to pop in a charged battery and carry on making clouds.

    With the Sub-Ohm you have no pass thru so you would have to have 2 batterys in order to vape on.

    Perhaps the version 2 (sigh) will have this

    While I love the Aspire products please, please try and get it right. I see way too many companys rushing products out, then v2 then a v3 until its right. Lets see you guys get to the v3 off the bat. I know you can :-)

    #vapeon #blowingcloudsbro
  • :lol: It's not the end of the world... I along with a lot of people were under the impression it was regulated. It just came out and I had only just started using it... and that was the last thing on my mind to check.

    I put a multimeter on it and we have it cleared up.

    Bottom line this is an excellent battery with the Atlantis and these 2 combined is the best vaping experience I've had yet. :mrgreen:
  • How much e-juice can the 2000 battery take on an Atlantis tank untill the low V warning kicks in?
  • As long as it vape good, then I dont care, mine is arriving on Tuesday so my review will be up on my site soon.

    Cloud City here we come...

  • angelclaw" said:
    How much e-juice can the 2000 battery take on an Atlantis tank untill the low V warning kicks in?
    Around 3 refills.
  • I totally love my new CF Sub ohm battery! It has the ease of an eGo battery with the top button, etc. and the power of a mech mod without the separate 18650 battery to charge up. It is absolutely an outstanding device! Kudos to Aspire!
  • Can someone tell me if I have a defective battery?

    I have been using my sub ohm along with my atlantis tank now for 10 days and on day 1, I made it from when I woke up until I went to bed on a charge...but haven's since then. Now (10 days later) I'm plugging in my battery to the charger after every time I use it because I'm literally down to maybe 8 hours of the day and it's dead. I'm turning it off after use. Yesterday I even unscrewed it from the tank after I turned it off to minimize any loss that MIGHT happen with that connection still being there and didn't even last to dinner time. Need to know if I just got a bad battery or if this is a known problem with the sub ohm.
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