Nautilus Mini Gurgling Issues

I've been using my Nautilus Mini for the first time today, ( 8920 6368 6671 0422 ) and I have assembled it properly ( I used the Nautilus before this, for a month or so ) and I too am having leaking issues somewhere in the assembly. When I pull a dry hit without firing the button, there seems to be no problem, no gurgling or any sound, just smooth air. But, after hitting the button and pulling on the Nautilus Mini, I experience a gurgling noise and occasionally the liquid will jump through and hit my tongue. This Mini is brand new and I have double checked everything, I even used my second provided coil because I was that frustrated with not getting the same results as I did with my Nautilus. Can anyone help me with this, or any other customers out there experience this problem?

Thank you!
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  • Dear Friend,
    Thank you for supporting Aspire.
    I have passed your problem to our engineer manager.there are our suggestions
    First,you catch the base of the nautilus,the drip tip adown,then swing the nautilus mini several times to let the excess juice out
    Second adjust the airflow hole to the biggest
    Third: when you smoking your tongue don't withstand the drip tip
    What's more,it is important that the time of coils soaking into e-juice can not be too long,it it good for 3 or 5 minutes,otherwise,it is easy to cause leaking or e-juice enter into mouth,if the coils soaking into e-juice too long
    Thank you !
    Have a nice day!
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