cf mod versus cf sub ohm

what are the differences between the two?

can both of them use the sub ohm tanks?
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for your good question.
    Our CF SUB ohm batteries are the upgraded version of our old CF series battery,the capacity has upgraded.the cap on the bottom can not be removed.Customer can use our old charger to charge it.
    Our CF MOD batteries is the upgraded version of traditional Mod,it has Protective electronic switch,which is easy to control when using.What's more,it has Overdischarge and Atomizer Short Circuit Protection.
    On the bottom of our CF MOD batteries,the cap can be removed,customer need fill in 18650 batteries.
    Customer can not charge the 18650 batteries with our CF MOD,they need remove the 18650 batteries out of our cf mod,and use the charger for the 18650 batteries to charge.
    The both can be used with our Atlantis.
    Have a nice day!
  • Tina gave you all of the information, I would recommend purchasing the Subohm battery.

    If you decide to get the CF Mod I would recommend you purchase a high quality charger like the Xtar VP2


    You would also need high quality batteries with a high amp rating like the LG HE2 18650s

  • thank you for answering my question!
  • sssmmmwww" said:
    thank you for answering my question!
    Joseph,thank you for more information :D
    Dear "sssmmmwww",
    Hope you can enjoy our products!
    Have a nice day!
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