Beware fake Aspire products ebay

I think ebay shouldn't allow these clones to be listed item no- 181507550676
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  • From what I read, most of the eBay listings are clones unfortunately.. You better stick with a trusted shop which only stock original to avoid those scams.
  • At least they were honest about it being a clone. They will run into a copyright issue with using the Aspire names.
  • I'm going to guess that 80% of the Nautilus and Nautilus Mini's on Ebay are fakes. Problem is they use stock photo's of the real thing but you actually get a fake. These fakes are listed as 100% genuine. Sad thing is I'm sure there are a few people that have gotten these fakes, thought they were real, didn't like there performance and went to another brand thinking the nautilus and mini's was junk.

    I guarantee that I can browse ebay and spot a fake in no time.
    And here you go:

    Notice how they have Authentic in the title... Can anyone else see why this is fake?

    I have reported several listings to Ebay as fakes. Explained to Ebay why they are fake. I have even sent links to the Aspire website where you can see pictures of the real ones and fakes to Ebay. Ebay not once took any of the listings down.

    DO NOT Buy Nautilus or Mini's from ebay unless you know the seller really well and can see or confirm what you are getting is real.
  • Dear thegeodeman2005,
    I agree with what you said.
    It is really true that some consumers send emails to our service complaint that they bought fake aspire products from e-bay,the proportion is eight out of 10. :o
  • Plastic/felt insert. Top assembly, drip tip, isn't quite right

    Now, I did get my mini off EBay. I think I just got lucky and got a deal. Or it's the best clone I have ever run across.

    I am going to order a new setup straight from Aspire (I have a coupon) just to be sure, but I'm trying to do a group purchase with some friends. Unfortunately, it's like herding cats to get everyone organized. Some are saying "But... I can get it off eBay cheaper." Or "I want to support my local vape shop." Or "I want to, but I'm short cash right now... can you hold off a week? (that was two, three, weeks ago), etc.

    The eBay ones, I just say show me the ad, and then I point out it's fake.
    Local vape shop, I can get it cheaper with the coupon.
    Or if the shop is cheaper, I say let's look to see if it's authentic (no one has taken me up on that one).
    Money issues, aaaaa crap.

    I'm about to throw up my hands and forget everyone, and just do it for what I want to purchase.
  • That is sad Tina :(

    it's like herding cats to get everyone organized
    That's Funny :lol:
  • Yes,when customer complaint that they bought fake aspire products,I feel :(
  • We all have choice what to buy what not to buy, point is such a reputable market place like ebay allowing sellers to list non authentic products, normally they do remove non authentic products from all listings.
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