Nautilus mini

I have 2 Nautilus mini tanks. 1 is working great, I love it. The 2nd is getting juice through it. When you take a hit off it, Im getting juice in my mouth. I have had this tank for 1 day now. gone through 2 coils thinking the first was bad. Its number 4807685434209618.
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    Did the 2 nautilus mini tanks from one seller or different seller?Recently,we received some information from consumers that they bought fake Aspire products even though the security code shows it is original.We are now investing this problem and take measure on this.
    we have introduced a new security measure to our products that will help to ensure our high standards or quality and excellence. From August 5th, all Aspire kits, Nautilus and Nautilus Mini will be labeled with a 3D security sticker, which will help our customers verify that the product is original and of the highest quality. This sticker will be used in conjunction with the security code and will act as verification of our commitment to your satisfaction. - See more at: ... iNMB6.dpuf
    Thank you!
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