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If possible I would like to see an easily accessible definitive list of warnings & methods to discern genuine vs fakes Pre/Post-sale -without access to the scratch codes- I have 2 nautilus tanks, both have problems, one is an obvious knock-off from e-bay, the other comes from a shop whom, I believe to be, are reputable sellers that introduced me to everything I know about vaping (they were conveniently located next to my discount tobacco store). I have $200.00 - $300.00 invested into batteries, tanks, juice etc. When I went to them with the problems of coils burning out in mere hours they were very helpful but for the most part I am on my own with the tank. I purchased a second tank via e-bay in my ignorance thinking I would simply replace what I believed to be a defective tank base. While attempting to verify that the latter was a fake, I find hints to the notion that my first may also be a fake even though the code checked out:


The Aspire product you bought with this security code (*****************) is original.

This security code has been checked 566 times on Aspire website, and be ware of imitations.
Fact is, I spent more on the Original, than I would have in ordering directly from the source, and "saved" only slightly in getting a knockoff from e-bay. I would like to see Accessible information, as if my first were to turn out to be a fake then I would honestly not know if I love or hate your product!!

In my opinion there needs to be some additions to the FAQ's maybe a few stickies.
  • What are the Red flags of Fakes:[/*]
  • Holographic Stickers should look like:[/*]
  • Paper vs Plastic inserts explained here:[/*]
  • So you've been screwed, follow these steps to save others:[/*]
  • Getting your money back Suggestions, comments & related how to's "what woked for me" ie. -ebay:[/*]
  • Consolation prize at the door, almost better than a swift kick in the rear...[/*]

I recognized my knockoff tank the moment I had it in hand via the knurling around the selecting ring. I am still not sure if the 2 included BVC's are Aspire or not, but everything else seems as legit as it gets stacked next to my verified tank. I think it would be helpful -at least for me and others like myself who do thorough research After they have been fleeced to expediate comfort for their buyers remorse and start the healing process ;)

Please forgive me if any of these stickies already exist I have only been poking around here for a few hours and have removed some of my suggestions as I discovered their existence.
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire and sorry for your bad experience!
    We suggest our customers to buy our products from us directly or from our authorized sellers:,not only for the safety,but also for the after-sale.
    Every of our products has a unique and irregular security code, the security code is on the black box,which need customer to scrath and get it.Customers can check the security code on our website,if the security code has been checked before customer,it is a fake product.
    We have received some complaints from our customer about fake products even the security code checking out be original,but they found some difference from our original ones.We have took measures of this kind of problem.We upgraded our security code from 16 bits to 20 bits.
    Thank you for your friendly suggestions,we will pass your friendly suggestions to our market department.
    What are the Red flags of Fakes: here are some ways: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=93
    Have a nice day!
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