not working correct

Ok I just bought the nautilus and when I tried to use it the first time I pushed the fire button my battery got super hot and is no good anymore and it was a new battery. So I switched to a another new battery and the same thing happened again. So now I have 2 brand new battery that are no good and a new nautilus that I cant use. Why would this happen.
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  • Dear Otherwiseredrum,
    Would you first to check the security code of your battery and nautilus to make sure it is original.
    We have passed your problem to our engineer.
    How long did you use our nautilus one time?
    It is normal that the tank and battery go hot after uninterruptedly long-time use,because the coil and battery fever when it be used.
    We have a test that we use the tank uninterruptedly 5 minute,the tank and battery go hot .the same reason as our cellphone,when it be used uninterruptedly,it will go hot.
    Thank you and have a nice day!
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