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Not to focus on the past, but I am curious as I am little late to the Aspire bandwagon. Why were the BDC coils deemed not that good? The BVC coils have been coined as "far superior", so I wonder what were the faults with the BDC coils.

I do notice they seem to produce a warmer vapor and are harder to draw from so I use a lower voltage to avoid burning them.

I have the new Aspire Nautilas Mini and so far it is great!!! I also have 10 coils of the BDC remaining that I am also using (another reason for my question) so if there are ways to prolong their life I am interested in that as well.
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  • The two main things that I can tell are the "wicking" material, and the orientation of the coils.

    The wicking material on the BVC is a ceramic material, where-as the BDC's are not (actually, I can't remember what they are made of). From my comparisons, the ceramic tends to get the fluid to the actual wire, faster, thereby reducing the possibility of getting a dry, burnt hit. Also being ceramic, it should theoretically be able to withstand greater heat for a longer period of time.

    The other one is the orientation of the coil. Since it is vertical, there is always a clear path with no obstruction for the airflow from the inlet holes to your mouth which help keep the coil cooler. The BDC are horizontal and airflow has to go around the two coils, not through. By going around the coils you tend to get slower airflow especially with the top coil, there-by getting a warmer vapor. By keeping the coil cooler on the BVC setup, the coil will theoretically last longer.

    There really isn't a reason to just throw away your BDC coils if you haven't used them. Use them up, but as you've noticed a lower voltage/wattage will prolong the coil. But then you have a possibility to get build up of juice, especially with sweeter darker juices.

    As for the BVC's being "far superior", that's the nature of life. New ideas, new changes. I have a feeling that someone will look the BVC's and have another epiphany and think up someway to improve upon it. Which we'll jump over to it.
  • one has screens and the other looks like a spring in the center which one is better
  • Dear Reese,
    If the one has screens ,it is our BVC coils,otherwise,it is our BDC coils.
    Some customers like the BDC coils,some customers like the BVC coils.
    If you are interested in our new BVC coils ,you can have a try.
    Thank you and have a nice day!
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