Nautilus Mini Bottom Hardware Airflow Issue

I recently purchased a Nautilus Mini about 2 weeks ago and have had a great experience using the two BVC coils that were included. However after purchasing a new pack of coils (all hardware has been verified btw) I have started to have airflow issues. This may not be related to using the new coils, but now if I cover up one of the airflow holes, I am still able inhale air. This has resulted in drier hits more airy hits, is there a fix for this?

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  • Dear Jamiewst,
    Would you please first check the security code of your nautilus mini kit and the new pack of coils to make sure it is original.
    Here a suggestion for your reference,
    you can disassemble the parts, and wash the base hardware using clean water, and dry it using the cloth
    Have a nice time!
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