Can anyone tell the core reason behind the leaky vape tanks?

Leaky vape tanks are no less frustrating. I am not getting enough to inhale as the vapour is moving outside the glass tank. Now, I have started missing those days when I used to enjoy making beasty clouds. Any effective fix that can help me out will be a great help.
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  • Quite a mess it becomes. Well I faced a similar problem before. Only a few drops used to leak out. Unfortunately no tank is 100% leak proof. Here are a few tips that I tried.
    When I close the tank I recheck to confirm if the cap is loose or not. Also check the threads are not crossed

    • Clean the drip tip before vaping
    • check O rings and if they are worn or damaged just replace them
    • avoid overfilling the tank
    • check your tank for cracks
  • A not unusualplace purpose of leaks. Take aside your tank, put off the O-earrings and study them closely. Look for symptoms and symptoms of wear and tear and tear, damaged or lacking O-earrings. These matters can compromise the air seal of the tank. Thankfully O-earrings are cheap, simply make certain you get the proper size. If you continue to have the field your tank got here in, it would have include an additional set of O-earrings particular for your device.
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