Aspire NX100 mod suddenly overheated on its own, now screen keeps getting dimmer until it goes black

I've had this mod for over a year now and i've really enjoyed using it, until yesterday when it was sitting on my table, it started to heat up on its own! I hand't vaped with it for at least half an hour, so I was very surprised to find out that the mod was very warm to the touch - like i'd been pulling 100W out of it for minutes. I started to investigate, and the mod is able to get updated through firmware, but after removing and re-inserting the battery, the screen lights up, and keeps progressively going dimmer and dimmer and dimmer until the screen is totally black. I tried to screw an atty on it, but it refuses to fire because it's "too hot", even when it's not hot to the touch. If i leave my battery inside the mod for over a few minutes, it keeps getting warmer and warmer! So I think that this device in this condition might even damage my batteries!

Has anyone else had this issue? The warranty for the device is long overdue, so i'm very curious to hear anyone else's experiences.
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