Issue with batteries

Hi! I've had my aspire skystar for a little less than a month and at first everything was great, but now I'm having issues with the batteries. All of a sudden it started not powering on when I would put the batteries in unless I took the ribbon that makes them easy to pop out and popped one out a little bit while leaving the back off of it. Sometimes the batteries would work normally and other times I would have to pop the battery out and leave the back off. Now it's gotten to the point where it doesn't matter what batteries I put in it will not power on unless one of the batteries is popped out a little bit and as soon as it gets pushed all the way in the device powers off (and I actually just got some brand new batteries and it's still doing this). I have no idea what's wrong -it's never been dropped or anything so I don't understand why I'm having this issue.
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