Atheros A3 Atomizer/Coil

I read that the metal used in this coil is Kanthol of which was said it's only to be used in wattage mode yet the Aspire Speeder has Temperature and Voltage modes.
1. Is it only to be used in power mode (wattage)?
2. If so, why would this Mod come with a coil that doesn't allow full use?
Thanks for any help.
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  • The coils that come with the Speeder are only to be used with the wattage mode and are rated as such. Temperature control is more of a specialized use with any mod. Some company's do not sell coils that are for Temp control with their proprietary tanks, others do. The specific coil metals (Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel) will determine the temperature as does the ambient room temperature. There are several factors at play here, scan the internet for temperature control usage for more info. Likewise there are some company's coils that list the voltage to be used on the coil instead of wattage. Thus the various modes that can be used with the mod for tanks other than the one that came with the device.
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