I was wondering if anyone could help?
The photo attached is the bottom of my wide's Clieto coil for her ecig. I took it apart to see why it might be leaking and saw these two wires. I though one of them might be getting between the seal and the body, but when I put it back together I keep getting a 'short' message. I'm guessing the wires are in the wrong position? Can someone tell me how they should be within the body? Should they be touching the body or Base Cap? Should they NOT be touching anything????

I don't use ecigs so am pretty clueless to the workings

Please help?

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  • You have pulled off the insulator base of the coil. I suggest getting a new coil. do not pull the base off as once these wires are exposed, it can be difficult to get them back in the correct orientation so that they do not cause a short. As far as the leaking goes, make sure that the new coil is screwed into the base of the tank securely and not cross-threaded. Also make sure that the glass on the tank is not cracked anywhere and that the top of the tank is screwed onto the tank assembly as far as it can go (finger tight).
  • Thanks charizrocks. Any idea how the wires should be positioned??? Just curious
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