Are the people in this company useless or what

what's the problem? I try to sign in and all i get is wrong email or password. It cant be the wrong email as I have only one address. I have tried to get them to send me an email multiple times to get a new password sent to me and all I get is a message saying we have sent a new password to your e mail address except i never receive anything. i cant even log in or reregister to track my shipment. I put an order in over 2 weeks and they took my money no problems but they have not even sent an email saying they're processing the order or even if its been shipped. to me it looks like they don't mind taking your money and then never hear from them again. what's up?

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  • Hello Vaper,
    Thank you for support Aspire.
    We just back from our holiday. We have passed your information to our online store support, they will contact you later.

    Have a nice day.
    Best Regards
    Aspire Team
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