Pyrex Glass Tank, is it fake?

I have an old Nautilus Tank (5 ml), I do not know it's name, but it's a large Nautilus Mini. I have recently bought two Replacement Tanks from my local dealer, but they don't fit and the box is odd. The boxes do not have a hologram or "scratch and check", nor do they have a Batch no. printed. Since I'm in Europe all products usually have a sticker warning against nicotine products, these do not.
The tanks are 36mm tall, where as I think the old tanks were 26mm tall, but I'm unable to measure as I've recently broken my last (original) replacement tank. my local dealer says he ordered them through Efuma ApS, which is a authorized dealer in Scandinavia.
Can anyone please help, are they fake or true Aspire products, and why do they not fit?
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