Disappointing Customer Service

I called the customer service line over issues I had with my New purchase of Aspire Breeze Vape.
VERY disappointing. Polite.... but a paper tiger in the end. There was TONS more they could have accomplished t help me out and in the end "Try a thicker juice" was their advice. Sign of the times I suppose. More work to explain my vape situation than their response. Vape in the garbage as it wasn't functioning. I had the receipt but the box it came in did not have any sticker on it. This technicality ended my "Customer Service"- I feel ripped off.
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  • Did you try returning it to where you purchased the device? If there was no scratch off authentication on the box then it was most likely a bad fake/clone!
  • @Elvis2020 Recently I have experienced something similar; I've been supporting Aspire, only buying their products for the past 7 years. Then I was in need of help with a product, and I e-mailed customer-service. Nothing but a bad rude attitude, and no help at all.
    I expected that with a quality product came a quality service, but no..
  • It is very sorry to hear an unethical customer support service that discomforts you it is very offensive for any company to do miss happens with their clients
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