Ordering new Aspire Revvo Coils - Will the Revvo Boost coil fit/work in my Original 3.6mlRevvo tank?

Hi, longtime fan of Aspire products here.
I've been using an Original 3.6ml Revvo tank for about a year or more, it takes the original Revvo ARC coils(.1-.16ohm). I no longer see these on my vape distributor's site, and coming here to Aspire's e-store, they don't show up either. Guessing they're discontinued. So, the two options for a Revvo tank replacement coil are now Revvo Mini and Revvo Boost. I see on the Boost the ohms are .2 lower, and the wattage is 5-10 lower, but I use a box mod so I can set it to match.

My question is : Will a Revvo Boost coil physically fit into my older, original 3.6ml Revvo tank? The Revvo Boost and Mini appear to have the same circumference, but I noticed in the description the Boost and Mini have a "new improved filler system". Kinda concerned about that.

If anyone knows, give me a shout. My Revvo tank is still fantastic and I don't want to spend $30 for a new Boost, also I love the 3.6ml capacity.
Thanks in advance!

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