Aspire Nautilus GT Issue

Hi There

Just wondering if anyone can help me out as I'm baffled to whats going on. I recently bought a GT tank from a shop I have used for many years, bought some coils from a different seller as they didn't have the 0.7s I wanted at the time. I heard great views for the GT so was really excited to get one, I primed the coil and stuck it in the tank and done all the usual stuff like leaving it to soak, dry pulls etc before vaping etc, I found the tank to be getting really hot at the base and especially under the where the drip tip is so I tried a few other coils to see if it weren't an issue with a dud coils etc. I sent the tank back to the shop to see if it was faulty and they tested it on different mods with different coils etc and it was working perfectly fine for them, even with them chain vaping on it. I ended up double checking my pack of coils and it turns out the code isn't valid which most likely means they are fake?. So, I bought a GT kit this time and bought some other 0.7 coils from a website I know sells LEGIT coils, hoping that was the issue but it is now still happening and I have no idea why. I stick to the wattage on the coil and never go over the recommended wattage. I don't chape vain and always leave 10-15 seconds between each drag. Has anyone had the same issue or can explain what's happening as I have no idea what is going on?

I use 50/50 liquid and I have also tried 1.8 AIO coils and it's happening with those too. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you,

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