Order stuck in "processing" status

Dear support,
I am a bit worried as I have no news from my order since 3 May 2020. It is stuck in "processing status".
It would be great to have an update ASAP as I paid for an express DHL delivery but apparently it hasn't been shipped yet.
Order # is 201493999.
Thank you for your help.
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  • Hello Vaper,
    We have passed your information to our online store support.
    They will reply your email later.

    Have a nice day
    Best Regards
    Aspire Team
  • Dear Tina,
    Thank you for your reply.
    Sorry for bringing the topic up again but your email support team is not really responsive. They keep telling me the order is going to be shipped "today or tomorrow" but so far I've seen nothing moving.
    I am pretty disappointed by the lack of feedback & transparency.
    Since I assume my order is still stuck in your offices (in China?) I think I am far from receiving it and unless I receive a proof of shipment today I will have to ask you to cancel it and refund me.
    I understand your supply chain must be hit pretty hard by the current crisis but this is definitely taking too long.
  • @Michaeldinozzo Hello Michael,
    We have passed your information to our online store support, they have replied your email, your order has not been dealt with, because one product is out of stock. If you want to cancel your order, please reply the email from our online store support, then they will cancel your order for you.

    Best Regards
    Aspire Team
  • I ordered mine May 6 and have sent 2 messages about mine stuck in "process" and have not been responded to. My account has already been charged and can't get an answer!!!!. my order number is #201494195
  • @pcox82 We have passed your information to our online store support, they will check and reply your email later.
  • Well thanks for getting my order out of processing, but why has my tracking showed that my order hasn’t left the warehouse in over a week? How often do you ship items? Ordered may 6, shipped may 22, current status “has not left shippers warehouse”. 10-20 days? It is almost 20 days and it hasn’t left your warehouse. I know things aren’t easy right now but really????
  • @pcox82 If you have any problem for your order, please feel free to send email to online@aspirecig.com
    Aspire online store support will check it for you.

    Have a nice day!
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