my breeze 2 stoped hitting randomly

i was hitting my breeze and i set it down and went to make myself some food and since i have come back it refuses to work i have tried plugging it in and trying to hit it, trying to hit it unplugged, switching coils, the lights turn on when i press the button and it works normally in every way except not actually hitting can someone tell me how to fix it
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  • Hey mate, I figured I'd reply since I've come across this issue with every single breeze 2 I own. The little clips inside the vape/battery/mod whatever you'd like to call it, broke off on one side and the tank/pod won't connect to the base completely anymore. When this happens you can press the fire button all day long and it's won't fire because there's not a complete connection. So, to fix it, make a shim. I found this solution on Google at one point.Gave a total walk through on what to use and stuff but I can sum it up.(The first comment on this post is where I got my instructions ) Take a blister pack from medicine (like DayQuil/NyQuil/Primatene/Sleep Aids) and cut a small piece of it that's a little shorter than the side of your tank. Use this small piece as a shim between the side of your tank and the base. You may want to break the other clip off so it doesn't get jammed when you go to remove it. You'll want to make sure the plastic isn't too thick or getting it back out will be extremely difficult.

    Good luck!
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