Few months old Reax mod, usb charging port so loose it's almost unusable


I have a situation where my Reax mod just won't allow charging cables to stay plugged in. Charging cables seem to be unable to fit evenly over the pin in the socket. Looking at the port, even with magnifying glass, I cannot see any obvious faults. Also, using thing screwdriver or toothpick to check around the socket doesn't indicate that the base on which the pin sits is giving way in any direction.

I am loving my tigon tank that came with this, but I am so disappointed with this Reax situation ... they seem so poorly made. I have considered opening it up to take a look, and loosened the top screws, but couldn't figure out how to proceed further in disassembling it, so I can see what's wrong with the charging port.

Has anyone else encountered this situation ? Can anyone suggest how I can take the Reax unit apart ?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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  • Aspire products have a 3 month warranty. If your product is within this period you should be able to get a replacement if you still have the receipt and it is a genuine Aspire product. Contact service@aspirecig.com for more information.
  • Well you should still contact service@aspirecig.com and maybe they can help you, give it a shot!
    Kiki Chan
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    Just in case someone else encounters this situation ...

    I have been able to confirm what happened and been able to fix it ... basically, the small metal sheath that encircles the USB slot is loose in the socket, and gets pulled out with a plugged in usb cable ... leading to the situation I described. I had actually missed the fact that it was no longer there when I was experiencing the inability to keep a cable plugged in.

    I later found the exact usb cable (of the several I use to charge the REAX) and retrieved the metal sheath ... then applied some glue (lightly around the external surfaces) and then put it back and allowed the glue to cure. Now works as expected, and the sheath no longer comes off with plugged in USB cables.

    @charlzrocks, thanks for your support. Much appreciated.
  • Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it's just past 3-months ... Was bought in October 2019.
  • Thanks for the update! Glad you fixed the problem!
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