Aspire BVC and NS coils - Black soot in mouthpiece

for the past few months, maybe since October 2019, the 1.8 Ohm Aspire BVC and NS coils have been creating black soot that ends up in the mouthpiece. i've since taken apart a few coils, just to see what is inside. the material that is being used inside the coils is what is burning up and ending up in the mouthpiece, i'm about 90% sure this is the case. i use Ahlusion juice at 50/50 and 6mg, 3mg, and 0mg. all of these juices end up producing the soot, and i'm wondering why this is happening. I also use a Eleaf 30W battery, and mostly vape at low wattage/voltages (right now i'm at 8.4 Wattage, and the black soot occured earlier today). i've been using this system since like 2014-2015, and only now they have been producing this soot? what is the deal? did they change the material inside the coils? I used get almost 2 weeks with each coil before it started tasting burnt. but now, i'm getting black soot after about 5 days. i do tend to cheef on it during the day, but i've always done that, and never used to get black soot. anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?

that being said, if i were to switch to a new tank, what are some suggestions for something similar to the Nautilus mini, that has good coils/drip features that doesn't require a lot of effort to refill, to replace the coil or whatever it uses, and is not too large.

Thank you!!!
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