I found a cure for updating the Skystar firmware

So I saw somebody having problems updating their Skystar firmware. What I did was to download the firmware and try to use the software to update my Skystar. I tried for hours but couldn't get the updater 1.5 to recognize my Skystar. Don't really know what the problem was because I had already updated my Skystar, perhaps because I'm using Windows 10 now. Anyways, what worked for me was to download the Dynamo v3 firmware update and install the Updater 1.6. Using this updater it could recognize my Skystar, I then proceeded to install the bin file that was included with the Skystar v2 update. Cheers.
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  • Hi....i tried updating the firmware on aspire nx75 a few month back on windows 7 without any luck.
    Remember having the installer and the file but for some reason wouldnt recognise the mod...
    Dont know if updates improve battery performance and economy, but if it does would be nice to know a work round as i think the nx75 is shit when it comes to battery life (as in flashes dead battery when battery is still actually half full)
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