Aspire SLX is perfection

Hey all,

Been using the aspire SLX since it came out and this has to be the most awesome device I've ever used. I don't normally gloat or write much about products, but honestly, after a few months of using it it's all kinds of perfection. I've used all sorts from sub ohm to vape pens and so on, but the SLX is the first device that just suits me because it is just so much less hassle than anything else. I know many others have their personal choices, but these days I've been looking for something simple to use that doesn't require cleaning, filling tanks, leak cleaning and so on. It has the right draw and power for me and those pods (the classic tobacco is what I use) is the perfect balance.

It's smooth on the throat, no spitbacks or liquid in the mouth and just seems like the future. I still have my Tigon, which also has that smooth hit, and it's also brilliant, but I just can't get enough of the SLX. Surprised that I haven't seen many reviews online and I bought it because it seemed so easy to use and maintain. Mind you, the reviews left on retailers all state that the users love it.

Well done, aspire!
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