Breeze 2 broken clips fix

Customers shouldn’t have to come up with a fix for a poorly designed product but I’ve learned a great way to fix all the broken clip breeze 2’s out there.
You will need an aluminum pill blister pack. Cut 1 piece using the corner that has the slight curve on it.
Using you pod as a guide for length measure just under the lip downward to the bottom. Cut a strip from the blister pack about 1/4” wide and just a little short of the height from the lip down, Put the curved end at the bottom and holding the strip up against the pod lip push it down into its final position.
It works great and is very secure. I cut 2 strips in case the 1 gets messed up from the constant removal for tank filling. Cheers to a revived use of all your dead units with this fix. Link with pics in reply

Aspire needs to step up and make those cheap clips out of metal to solve this problem. But this fix will bypass their lack of engineering on this product’s durability.
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