New user, new phone also.. Need help verifying authenticity + uploading pictures? Long msg, sorry!

Hello! My name is Dez, & I am new to this website, and have been using Aspire coils and tanks for a long time, and I believe I have some fake ones.. I have pictures taken.. but do not know how to upload them.

The boxes have differences on them, like the 1 I thought was fake: has smaller icons on the back at the bottom, & a paragraph about it being made by Shenzhen Eigate Technology Co., Ltd., & there is an extra icon on that box than on the one that looks like (or at least felt like, it was the real thing), but the symbols on the back & the writing looks the same on both boxes, as does the "Aspire genuine" logo. -But the box that I think is fake has a batch# beside a sticker that is supposed to look like a regular SKU, (& the Box that I think is real has BVC written in WHITE on the FRONT where as it is in the same dark gray as the rest of the coil pictured on the other (FAKE?) box, + the one I think is real has a sticker that (instead of a batch number.. has another set of numbers that does not say what it is and the amount of numbers are more than the one that has a batch#.
I really hope I can upload my photos.

I'm on a new-to-me Samsung Galaxy S8, and on some websites I have no problem uploading them.. like on Facebook, but on others I'm told they're too big and get an error msg when I attempt it. That website uses Imgur.. and I don't know how to use it, and I was told it is kind of hard to do, there another website uses it that I would like to be able to do it with, and it looks like this site might also?

I tried to hit the button that looked like it would let me upload pictures, but when I do that, my comment disappears.. so I don't know what's going on, & had to switch to desktop view to be able to post at all.

I don't know how to edit my pictures to make them smaller.. and if I just need to crop the edges, so that only the middle shows- (if it's not too hard.. like if it's as easy as on the eBay app, or if I need to adjust the sliding-scale that selects how many pixels are used for the camera BEFORE taking the pictures, IF you've planned ahead.. as I do know how to do those things).

I opened PHOTOS, clicked SETTINGS, & CLICKED the 1:1.. which I did before taking these pics, (it was set on 3:4 or something), so I don't know if I did a good or a bad thing there..? I am wondering if I just enlarged it actually.?

If there is more editing involved, then I have no idea how to do it.. If anyone can help? -This is going to be a long-term problem. -I'm one of those people that only buys a newer phone when my old 1 dies.

SO..can anyone give me the LINK that I can go to, to scan in the code on the back of my coil boxes, & tell me how that works- so I can see which ones are good.. or if they are copied coils- where's maybe the packaging just changed, but I did think I noticed differences in the performance-?

Sorry for the long message! Any help is greatly appreciated!
Thank you! Dez
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