Aspire Nautilus Mini Tank

I have a new aspire nautilus mini tank & I've tried to use it 4 times with 4 coils & all 4 times it's leaked from the air holes & sucked-up all the e-liquid & leaked out. Does anyone know what is wrong ??? Please
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  • Hello
    If you have any question with Aspire product, please feel free to send the detailed information to Aspire service
    [email protected]
    They will seek suggestion from Aspire engineer for you
  • They are of no help to me
    I told them the problem & I've tried to fill it 4 times with 4 different coils & it continues to leak from the air holes
    I threw it in the trash & will never buy an Aspire product ever, never again !!
    As far as I can tell there is no cracks in the glass & the seals are intact & not split or anything !!
  • I decided to give the aspire nautilus mini tank another try & i got another one. This one works grr8, i guess the one i was having all the leaking problems through the air-holes was a dud !! Thank-goodness !!
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