sprite pod popping out

I have two aspire spryte devices - both purchased within the last year - and the pod pops off on both.
Any advice on how to rectify?
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  • The pods on the Sprite device should just "click" in to place. Unless you have purchased the pods and they are not genuine Aspire products, you should have no problem with the pods staying in place on the Sprite. Check that the juice plug on the bottom of the pod is correctly in place, if not it could cause the pod to be raised up and not seat the pod correctly. Also check the click prongs that hold the pod in place to make sure they are not damaged. See the photos attached.imageimage
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  • Thanks for this,
    The pods are the originals - plus a new one purchased when the problem first started. I also changed the juice plugs for the spares that came with the devices. The pod clicks in to place but then immediately pops up. There is no sign of damage on the prongs, although on the two devices I have they look less pronounced than in your pics.
    Thinking I may have to write them off to experience and buy something else - but unlikely to be aspire as I've seen the same problem mentioned on a couple of other searches.
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