Tigon Tank - burnt even after coil replaced?

Hi - was vaping at 12w with a 1.2 coil in a Tigon tank after 1 day when mod alerted “check coil” and it was hot burnt immediately. I chang3d the coil assuming a dud, the tank was empty. I refilled and waited 10mins, but when trying to vape again the coil visibly red (set at 10w) and pure burnt taste and smell.

Anyone had this and is this a f***ed tank?

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  • Could be that your mod is firing at a higher wattage than you think and that is what is burning your coil or you are vaping it as a Direct to lung instead of a Mouth to lung style which might cause it to not wick liquid fast enough and dry burning the coil. I suggest trying the .4Ω coil and using the Mouth to lung AFC setting as the .4Ω will wick faster than the 1.2Ω coil. Also make sure that your coils are genuine and not fake coils. There are many fakes out there and they will give you the results that you currently have!
  • I've been using the Tigon tank and the experience has been horrible. My lungs are actually hurting.
    I prime the coil, install, fill and wait 30 minutes. The initial flavour is very week. I start will low wattage of 8 and work up to 10.5. Flavour becomes worse until about 50 puffs where there is little taste and its very harsh vapour. I'm always very careful not to chain vape.
    Have gone thru 5 coils in the week that I've had the tank. I even tried the tank on 2 different mods with the exact same issue.

    Horrible tank.
  • Both the tank and the coils are verified authentic.
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