Reax Mini Tigon tank spitback issue

Hello everyone. I purchased the Aspire Reax Mini a few days ago and I can't help but notice there is spitback. Everytime when I refill my tank (2ml EU tank) I see some liquid on top of the chimney hole and my drip tip is also wet inside. I've also noticed that there are gurgling noises from time to time and that my vape doesn't produce enough vapor sometimes. I'm using 50/50 liquid. This issue occurs on both MTL and DTL coils. I also notice some drops of liquid on the edge where the refill cap meets the tank (where the slider is)
What I've tried:
Changing the coil a few times. Tried 3 different MTL coils.
Disassembling the tank to check for bad o-rings and didn't find any.
Tightening everything down.
Using 12W as opposed to 10W for better vapor production.

Only thing I've found that I've not been doing is closing the airflow when refilling. Do you guys think that's it or am I just having bad luck and a defective tank?
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