Aspire cf sub stopped working.

I have 3 CD sub batteries,1 max and 2 of the 2000 mah ones. It's one of these that I'm having problems with. After charging I put my tank(nautilus 2s w/0.4 coil) I've run this setup since the coils became available. When I pressed the button...nothing,no light,no blunks... so I put it back on the charger and it charged normally for about 2 minutes then blinked 20 times and shut off. I re applied the tank and again...nothing. what is my problem? I've tried different tanks and it refuses to fire at all.
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  • Hello,
    If you have any problem with Aspire products,please feel free to send the detailed information to Aspire service
    They will check with Aspire engineer and give the suggestion from Aspire engineer

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