Tigon Tanks leaking

I have 6 Tigon tanks maybe 1 - 2 months old by now, and all of them have started leaking. I can't figure out exactly what's happening, but most are leaking from the bottom of the "sliding" cap as I draw. Other times, liquid is coming from the bottom air port (the one that can be adjusted).

I don't think it's any of the gaskets/seals as those aren't really near those areas (maybe the o-ring of the coil itself for the bottom leak). Any clue on why this is happening? Even with a brand new coil, it will leak at either spot. Even just sitting there standing straight up on a desk or something, completely off and not using it, there will suddenly be liquid all over the tank. It could be 1/2 full, completely full, or less than 1/2 full. It's not tilting to make liquid come up over the top of the coil area.

Any ideas?
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  • Maybe you're just using a liquid too fluid and too strong in PG no ?
  • First off, take the tank completely apart and make sure that the gasket seal at the top of where the lower assembly connects to the top assembly is intact. Replace the glass seals at the top and bottom of the tank, make sure that they are assembled tightly and not cross threaded at the top assembly. Whenever you change a coil, make sure that the coil that you are replacing comes out with both o-rings on the coil (top and bottom). Whenever you have changed a coil, make sure to check that the glass is tightened and not loose before replacing the bottom AFC coupling. And, despite what your friends may have told you, NEVER blow into your tank for any reason as this can compromise the coil wicking structure. Your juice composition should not be a factor in any leaks.
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