Quality and customer service

I am a recent quiter (2 months) and current vaper. My first vape ever was a Aspire Breeze 2. I liked it so much I bought a backup. Good thing I did because 1 died. I did notice coil life was hit or miss. I then bought a Tigon kit. Liked that even better so I bought a backup. Again coil life was hit or miss. When it was a miss, it really was a miss. I actually had an entire 5 pack where every coil lasted less than an hour. I then upgraded to a Dynamo. Again I bought a backup. Coil life has been a little better but still not acceptable in my book. Maybe 6 out of 10 are good. Then I start experiencing the dreaded battery door problem everyone has had. I tried contacting customer service regaurding the Breeze dyeing in 2 weeks. No reply. I tried contact customer service regaurding not being able to use the Aspire store. No reply. I tried contacting customer service for availability of a new product. No reply. Today I went through another 5 pack of coils due to them being bad. After spending a lot of money in a couple of months, I bought a new device from another company and will never go back to Aspire.
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