Help please! Nautilus AIO color is always blue

I have a Nautilus AIO which is only a few weeks old. It's been working as designed until today. Last night it started to taste like the coil was done, burning paper taste, so I changed the coil and it was a little better but, it was burning very hot. I drained the battery while using it (it showed orange, so I turned it off and stopped using it) and I put it on the charger it blinks 20 times and charged on the blue light. Today, the light was off so I took it off the charger and it did the 20 blinks as it always does after taking it off the charger, then the light dimmed but a softer blue light remained and it is still on and blue, the blue light won't turn off. I can press the button 5 times and it seems to work but, not real well, it is very hot and tastes of burning but the soft blue light stay on. I can then turn it off with 5 clicks and the blue light stays on and it does not burn. Help please!
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