Leaking juice thru airvents of Nautilus 2.0 S

Hi, I have a nautilus 2.0 s tank for my aspire zelos. I have been very happy with it as it was nice with the easy top fill.
After I changed my coil now, it starts to leak badly thru the air vents. After filling juice it take maybe 10 minutes before it leaks a lot.
First I thought it was a faulty coil, but same thing happens after trying another one.
I have also tried to have a look on o-rings but I cant see any error. But I would really like to see good pics showing all the o rings and placements, if available.
Any suggestions to what can be wrong?
The vapor is only 3-4 months old.
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  • @mort1 it sounds like you have a bad seal on the tank, however, please take a clear short video and give the detailed information to aspire service
    Aspire service will check the video with Aspire engineer and reply you.
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