Nepho tank on Reax Mini or Tigon Battery?

hi, I'm a bit new to vaping. started with the Sol, then used various Suorin devices, then found Aspire and currently own AVPs, Reax Mini with Tigon tank and the Tigon Kit.

i saw the Nepho tank and was curious so i got a couple. now if i'm already doing something stupid, i apologize haha but just trying to understand.

i notice the Reax Mini requires coils with a minimum of 0.3 Ohm, so the 0.15 coil of the Nepho on the Reax Mini causes the Pink light to flash 3x because it's not supported. no problem there.

the 0.15 coil Nepho tank does work on the Tigon battery, and a TON of vapor comes out very quickly and it's the hottest vape i've experienced yet. i can only draw for maybe 1 second before it's too much (heat and vapor). does this sound right? i can't find any documentation on the actual Wattage Ouput of the Tigon battery, only that it's Bypass only. but this is probably how it should be, at the 0.15 ohm rating.

but my main question is that only the 0.15 coil seems to work. when i put the 0.5 ohm coil in the Nepho, on both the Reax Mini and the Tigon battery, pressing the fire button "works" but no vapor is produced at all. i can hear very slight typical "crackling" sound but nothing happens when i draw.

again, i'm assuming the Reax Mini and Tigon battery aren't really meant for the Nepho tank, but any specific reason why the 0.5 ohm coil doesn't produce anything at all? i'm guessing there just isn't enough wattage, but i'd assume the 0.15 wouldn't work either. i see now that the Nepho was first released with the Dynamo which is more of a typical mod, but i don't really want to get into external batteries, chargers, etc.

thanks, and again, i know i'm new to this. with the coils rated at 60w and 65w minimum, i'm assuming the Reax Mini and Tigon battery just don't have enough power.
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  • The TIgon battery should only be used with the Tigon tank. However, you can use the Tigon tank on the Reax Mini mod. The Nepho tank's coils are meant for mods that can supply constant adequate power to the coils being used and is not meant to be used on the Tigon battery.
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