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I bought my aspire pockeX a little over one month and never had any issues with it or changing my coil, however over the past few days I’ve noticed my liquid tastes burned. I’ve only used liquids recommended by my vape shop and have put in 3 new coils since then and primed them all correctly. My vape shop recommended I move up from 12 mg to 18 mg nicotine liquids. But since then my vape has began popping quite loud before firing which has made me nervous to use it. It also gets quite hot when charging which I find worrying. Do I cut my losses and buy a new one if my vape shop won’t replace this?
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  • First off regarding charging your PockeX: DO NOT use your Cell Phone wall wart to charge it with! The cell phones are made for 4-6 amps where as the PockeX (and almost any other vape device) is made to charge at 1.5-2 amps. Use either your pc, laptop, x-box or TV if they are equipped with a USB 2.0 port or a charging block made to charge vape equipment with! Using a cell phone wall block will cause the vape device to overheat!
    The popping you are hearing is the e-juice that has more moisture (H2O) content or you are getting condensation that is dripping back into the coil. Basicaly it's water that is causing it to "POP". I had this problem and changed juice brands - the popping went away. Could be your vape shop is just trying to make some extra cash at your expense and you are buying more coils! Your nicotine level would have nothing to do with the popping problem. Also, if you are drinking Coca Cola while vaping, it will tend to make the vape taste burnt. I don't know why but I have had several customers with this problem. They switched to another drink while vaping and no more burnt taste!
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